Exemplary patient care and hospital safety standards

Eastside Anesthesia is known for exemplary patient care and hospital safety standards. The vision that guided the founding of this group was one of unifying like-minded and highly skilled anesthesiologists in order to bring the highest standard of anesthesia care to our surgical facilities.

Our board-certified anesthesiologists are recruited from the nation’s preeminent programs. They are Fellowship trained in regional, cardio-thoracic, pain management, pediatric anesthesia and adept with ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and catheter placement.

Our board-certified anesthesiologists will answer all your questions prior to your surgery and will be there during the recovery period to make sure it is without incident.

Whether you are having general anesthesia or IV sedation, it is important that you follow the NPO guidelines provided (NPO – nil per os, latin for “nothing by mouth”).


assuring the safe delivery of anesthesia by thoroughly preparing for your patient’s procedure

Eastside Anesthesia assures the safe delivery of anesthesia by thoroughly preparing for your patient’s procedure. This entails a detailed preoperative inspection of the room, equipment, supplies, medications, and a review of charts and records with the facility personnel.

All anesthetic apparatus is inspected, tested and ensured serviceable by the Anesthesia provider before induction. In particular, the anesthesia machine is inspected for performance consistent with anesthesia safety. Protocols for equipment care and infection control are reviewed and any measures needed are taken with time to spare. Our staff will determine the monitoring techniques (invasive and non-invasive) to be employed during an anesthetic based on your patient’s medical status and the type and magnitude of the surgical procedure. We adhere to the “Standards of Basic Intra-operative Monitoring” endorsed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. These standards are followed during all General Anesthetics, Regional Anesthetics and Monitored Anesthesia Care.

We routinely make pre and post procedural calls to provide patients with instructions and monitor recovery.


  • No solid foods for six hours before your procedure
  • No fried foods, fatty foods, or meat for eight hours before your procedure
  • A light meal or milk may be ingested up to six hours prior to your procedure
  • You may have clear liquids up to two hours before your procedure. Water, Fat-free broth, Clear fruit juices such as apple, cranberry, and grape juice (no pulp) Tea, Black coffee with no cream, Carbonated beverages
  • Nothing by mouth, including throat lozenges, mints, and all hard candy, for two hours before your procedure
  • No gum for two hours before your procedure
  • You must have a responsible adult arrive with you to our facility and be available to accompany you home. If you use a taxi or volunteer ride service, you still must have a responsible adult with you in order to help take care of you after your procedure
  • Please take your regular medications the day of your procedure, especially any heart, diabetes, or blood pressure medications
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